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re: Acquire Taste Guild Rank Structure


Thank you for choosing to join Acquired Taste. Please take a couple of minutes to read about our Guild Rank Structure. You can expect to learn more about the expectations and perks associated with each rank as well as gain insight into our raid group loot priority.


Probies are under a minimum one month period of intense scrutiny by the Officers. This is a good time for the Proby to scrutinize Acquired Taste to see if we're a good fit for them. Its also the time for the Proby to socialize with other members and involve themselves in various guild events and/or raid groups.

Expectations - You're now representing and are expected to behave like the adult you are and treat people as you would like to be treated. Use the probationary period to let your personality shine.

Loot priority - None.

Perks - None.

Restrictions - Limit of one alt during this period.


A member has made it through their probationary period successfully and is now considered a contributing member of Acquired Taste. Members have demonstrated that they are a good fit in terms of attitude and socialization. Members continue to make their best effort to involve themselves in various guild events and/or raid groups.

Expectations - Continue to represent A.T. in a high regard both in play and in personality. If you wish to become a raider make it known through your actions.

Raid Loot priority - Members have a higher priority on loot than Probies.

Perks - Members have access to guild-sponsored repairs up to a predetermined daily limit. You may now have your horde of alts invited to the guild.


"Inch by inch, play by play -- till we're finished."

Raiders are Members who have exemplified the Acquired Taste attitude towards raiding through regular on-time attendance to raids and consistently show up prepared to raid both with consumables and their A-game attitude. They have performed at a consistently high level for a minimum of three (3) months. Promotion to this rank is entirely subjective. Being in a raid group does not guarantee raider rank.
Expectations - Show up on time for every raid or notify an officer if something comes up (via text or website). Bring proper consumables to every raid. Conduct yourself as an adult in every raid. Know your class inside and out and demonstrate that knowledge. Maintain a high level of performance and attendance in raids.  This rank and above requires an authenticator!

Loot priority - Raiders have higher priority on loot than Members.

Perks - Raiders have access to a special guild bank tab where they can exchange items with each other and have a higher guild-sponsored repair limit than Members.

Raid Leader

Raid Leaders are a special breed of Raider. This member has chosen to step up to the plate and take the reins of a raid group. They are expected to demonstrate the highest level of A.T. standards both in and out of raids. They are continually learning in all aspects of the game in order to better lead others in various fights. A formally sanctioned guild raid group requires GM and officer approval. If you are interested in leading a raid, please contact an officer for more information.

Expectations - Create a positive raiding environment for those in their group. Responsible for keeping the raid moving and making changes in personnel as necessary for the good of the raid, not for the sake of personalities!

Loot priority - Same priority as a Raider.

Perks - Long sleepless nights worrying about whether or not they will need to fill spots in their next raid. Currently under consideration is the possible issuance of an official Acquired Taste cattle prod.


Officer positions are by special invitation only, based on a variety of factors that may vary from time to time, including whether or not there is a compelling reason to bring on additional Officers. They have shown a desire to help lead in some capacity and have stepped up to demonstrate these abilities.

Expectations - To help the Guild Leader lead the guild. Helping to ensure a positive and a mature guild environment in all aspects. Helps to buffer the sometimes over burdened Guild Leader.

Loot priority- Same priority as a Raider.

Perks - Elevated blood pressure, blurred vision and hair loss.

Guild Leader

The guild leader makes the hard decisions that are sometimes controversial but always has the long-term betterment of the guild in mind and embraces responsibility for any fallout from these decisions.

Loot priority - Same priority as a Raider.

Perks - Don't even think about it. You really don't want this position unless you're a masochist.

*** Important notes regarding raid loot

While every effort is made to distribute loot on a strict priority basis, certain exceptions may be made from time to time in order to ensure the gear balance within active raid groups.

Bind-on-equip (BoE) items are always retained by the guild bank and distributed within the guild on an as-needed basis to maintain gear balance. If you are interested in an item you see in the guild bank, contact an officer for pricing/availability.

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