About Acquired Taste

Acquired Taste is a 25 and older guild that is centered around a mature/adult atmosphere.  This doesn't mean we're stuffy and don't know how to have fun, we just have no time or patience to put up with (stereotypical) childish nonsense.  We have children of our own and would prefer not to babysit other peoples' children. 

Our raids progress at their own pace and members have fun doing it. We take our raids seriously but not ourselves. We concentrate on a community mentality rather than personal progression and have NO tolerance for loot whores, whiners, & prima donnas.  We do need players who understand putting the "team" first for decisions such as gearing or class/spec/group role selection. We also want people who are interested in putting down roots and calling this guild home, not people who just want to appear for a couple hours on raid nights and spend the rest of their WoW time playing elsewhere.

We are always looking for skilled players of any class that can fit in our guild.  We accept members of all concentrations (raiding, PvP, questing) that are looking for a mature environment in which to enjoy the game.

Raiding Schedule:

**Rebuilding for Legion**Weekday Evening: Tuesday/Wednesday (6:30pm - 8:30pm).  This group has begun building a sign up roster for Legion. Its is currently over 30 signups.  We encourage member to still sign up as fill ins. Plesae contact Jacamo or Barhunt for details.

**Rebuilding for Legion**Weekend Evening: Friday/Saturday (8pm - 11pm) This group is currently not raiding but has begun building a roster for Legion Current needs: A pint of beer and a bottle of Canadian whiskey.  Contact Prepi/Esoral or Edgeoffury/Adenthandra for more information.

**Rebuilding for Legion**Weekend Late Evening: Friday/Saturday (9pm - 11pm) This group is currently building its roster for Legion. Current needs: Several spots remain open for healers and DPS.  Contact Mythyras/Attycys or Scratchology for more information.

*All times are server time (US Central Time)

**Updated 8/31/16**

Those apping to the guild must first read the "Read Me" located in the Welcome Center section of the forums.

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